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Protecting your rights when it’s most important.

At The Lisinski Law Firm, we understand how important your case is. We will fight to protect your best interests, whatever you are facing. We are experienced in personal injury law, from medical malpractice to car accidents.

Let us put our expertise to work defending you – you have enough to worry about. 

Vehicle or Pedestrian Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a car or vehicle accident, you shouldn’t have to navigate insurance claims or civil suits on your own. Don’t be intimidated into accepting less than you deserve - let us fight for YOU.

Medical Malpractice

Nothing is more important than your health, which is why medical malpractice suits can seem particularly overwhelming. With experience in both sides of malpractice suits, our team is uniquely equipped to handle even the most complex cases.

Workplace Injury

When you’re hurt at work, there’s a lot at stake. Not only is your health affected, but your job and livelihood are often in jeopardy. Our skilled team understands the pressure you’re under and can help you navigate the system to get the justice you deserve.

Premise Liability

If you’re injured on someone else’s property due to their negligence, you deserve to be compensated for damages done to you. Whether it’s a slip and fall accident, an incident involving violence, a dog bite, or something else, we can help you recover damages so you can move on with your life.

Serious Injury

When you’re seriously injured, you’re facing challenges that will affect the rest of your life. Medical bills, inability to work, and ongoing care are only a few aspects of your family’s new reality. We understand the pain and trauma associated with serious injuries and can help make sure your needs will be taken care of by those responsible.

Product Liability

Injury due to a faulty product can result in unexpected and difficult to navigate challenges. If you’ve been injured by a product, including a defective drug or medical device, you may be entitled to recover damages. Call us to discuss whether you have a claim.

Wrongful Death

There is nothing more difficult than losing a loved one. The grief, shock, and trauma that families face when someone they care about passes away as a result of another’s negligence is incalculable. We believe that responsible parties should be held accountable and families have a right to seek justice.

Do you have more questions about your specific situation? Not sure what type of case you may have?

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