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We keep families together.

Our mission is to keep families together. We understand what you’re going through and we are here to help. The U.S. immigration system can be tough and intimidating. We will work aggressively through the system for you and fight to keep you here with your family, lawfully.

We strive to win even the most challenging cases to keep our clients with their families, even if they have experienced complex issues like previous deportations, DUI convictions, or other criminal offenses.  We have won immigration cases for clients who were told by other lawyers that there was no hope.  If another lawyer told you it’s hopeless, call us.  We’ll find hope together.

Why The Lisinski Law Firm?

  • We are a client-centered law firm. We are here to serve you, period.  That means we are accessible.  No client call, email, or text will go unanswered, ever. You’ll hear back from us the same day.
  • We have the experience you need. You need an attorney who will take the time to personally work with you to find the best possible path forward.  We promise to do that.  We have helped people like you become legal residents after other attorneys said there was no hope.  We want to do that for you.      
  • We help change lives.  Imagine never having to look over your shoulder again or worry that a simple traffic stop could land you into deportation and tear your family apart.  Imagine being able to travel outside of the country without fear that you won’t get back in.  That freedom is priceless.  That is what we want for our clients—freedom.
  • Get help no matter where you are.  We help clients throughout the United States.  You do not need an attorney from your state to win your immigration case–what you need is a great attorney, period.  We are available day or night to meet with clients by phone or by video-chat through WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger, no matter where they are located. 
  • Let us help you. You have worried long enough.  Let us work through the complex immigration process to fight for the freedom you deserve.

This is personal.

I know first-hand how difficult and stressful the legal immigration process can be.  My husband is a native of Costa Rica so we know first-hand how scary the immigration system can be. Our children are first-generation Americans on their father’s side and dual citizens of the United States and Costa Rica. I am fluent in Spanish and devote my immigration practice to helping Latinos work through the United States immigration system.

I have never backed down from a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping families together.  My very first case out of law school was helping a mother get her children back after a judge unjustly ordered them taken from her and put up for adoption. I won that case and reunited the family. I’ve had a passion for working to keep families together ever since. 

I will fight for you. I understand that my clients’ immigration cases are life-changing and I know that my clients and their families depend on me to fight hard for their rights.  My commitment to you is this: I will do everything I can to keep you with your family. You will not find a more dedicated lawyer to seek justice for you in this country.


What we do

Residency/Green Card

We look for ways for our clients to obtain legal residence in the United States without having to leave the country. We do this through family-based petitions, as well as through other types of immigration petitions. We strive to make the process simple. We’ll fill out the paperwork, then submit your case within roughly one week of you providing us with the information we need.


If your journey to the United States was brought about due to violence or persecution in your home country, we can help you process your asylum claim. We will stand with you through the immigration appeals process, if necessary.

T Visa

A T Visa may help people who were victims of domestic violence or who were forced to remain working in the home without the option to leave, as well as those who were forced to work outside of the home and turn over all of their money. No police report is required, which means you may qualify even if you never reported these conditions out of fear. The T Visa is also a potential option for individuals who have been exploited in the workplace, including those who were forced to work for less pay than promised, those who suffered harsh or abusive working conditions, and those treated badly because of their race or immigration status.

U Visa

A U Visa is an option for those who have been a victim of crime in the United States, allowing them to receive a work permit and social security number.

Families may also be able to qualify under a petition to remain in the United States.

Post-Deportation Options

If you have been deported in the past, but want to gain legal status, we are dedicated to helping you find a solution. Call us today to discuss your options to remain in the United States legally.

Deportation Proceedings

We understand that the prospect of being removed from the United States can be terrifying. You and your loved ones don't have to fight alone. We will work hard to give you the deportation defense that you deserve.

I-360 cases

An I-360 case is for victims of domestic violence or extreme cruelty by a United States citizen or legal resident spouse or a United States citizen child over the age of 21. No police report is required for this type of case. It is also an option for victims of abuse or cruelty who are separated from their United States Citizen or legal resident spouse, and those who have divorced their spouse within the last two years.

Common questions…
and answers.

If you are a U.S. citizen and have a spouse or other immediate relative who does not yet have legal status in this country, we may be able to help.  A family visa is available for close relatives of a U.S. citizen and the number of visas available under this program is unlimited. 

Certain close relatives of a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. may be eligible for a green card, as well.  Although the number of family visas available for relatives of permanent residents is capped at a certain number each year, in many instances those limits are not met.  Call us today to discuss your options.

Spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, orphans adopted in the U.S. or abroad, and parents (provided the sponsor is at least 21 years old).  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and cousins are not eligible under this path, but may be eligible under another path.